Monday, March 26, 2007

Jack Jack

Oh what can I say about Jack. He is only the most adorable 2 year old on the planet. When he turned two he potty trained himself and “grew a temper” within a week. Look up the term “terrible twos” in the dictionary and his picture will probably be there. But he is SO much fun.

Jack loves trucks and tractors and baseball. He seems to be a natural athlete. Brett is excited because he is a very big kid (he is as tall as the shortest kid in AJ’s class—a 5 year old!) and he is left handed, so he is sure he will be a star athlete. I am equally sure he will be a star-anything he wants!

Where AJ loves worms and spiders and snails, Jack is much more “look but don’t touch,” he is a very good speaker for his age and people regularly think he is 4. He likes to collect small stones, read books about dinosaurs, and eat pancakes, he calls himself "Jack Jack." He is boy through and through.

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