Friday, August 31, 2007

Last night we went fishing and we watched this black, black cloud get closer and closer, but we didn't want to stop fishing. When we felt the first drop we all started running to the car. By the time we reached the car it was really raining and by the time we got home (just a couple blocks) it was POURING so hard you could hardly see and the thunder crashes were so loud they were shaking the house. It was great. So we made pizza and sat and watched the lightning (the only thing we could do since the power kept flickering on and off!) Totally fun!

AJ was so nervous, but very brave. We had gone to a couple kindergarten socials, and one of the kids from her Sunday school class is also in her school class, so that was helpful. But on more than one occasion AJ said, "I wish Paul was going to be in my class again." Talk about a tear jerker. But she was really brave and as it turns out she LOVES it. She has gone for a whole week, everyday from 7:45-2:45 and she hasn't said once that she doesn't want to go, or that she wishes she could stay home. And the great part is that she comes home SO happy. She comes home and colors and playes by herself, and is just more content. It's wonderful.
Jack's new boots that he has to wear everywhere!
We were thrilled to death to discover we have fireflies. Jack calls them burn-flies (fire~burn). When I was 5 my family lived in Boston for 6 months while my dad was training for a new job, and I only have a few memories of that summer--one was catching fireflies on the 4th of July with my brother with fireworks in the distance. So I was really excited that AJ and her brother could chase them here. They really are amazing to watch, it's almost like magic.
We went to the Red Bull FLUGTAG on Saturday. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a crazy event where teams attempt to "fly" all kinds of wacky crafts off of a pier. We always wanted to go to the one in San Fransisco, and never made it. So we had to go to the one in Austin. Unfortunately, it was hot, crowded, and once it started the kids couldn't see! But we learned our lesson the hard way and we figured out where all of the families who knew what they were doing went--so next year should be better.
Austin is the self proclaimed "live music capitol of the world" and they are really proud of that. Lots of businesses downtown have these huge guitars in front all decorated differently. This one was in front of the Austin Children's Museum--a really neat place.
For those of you familiar with fishing in Utah, you would really get a kick out of large mouth bass. First of all you use hooks that could catch a dolphin and they will strike on almost anything, and when you catch one--you know it! It is so much fun, we have gone fishing almost everyday we have been here. There are a few ponds in our neighborhood and they are just full of bass! We've heard there are huge catfish in there too, so we'll have to try for one of those.
Jack has taken to "Hook 'em Horns" very readily and everyone around here loves it! He will break out the hook 'em horns sign whenever he meets someone new and so he has made all kinds of friends in Texas. If there are two things everyone here has in common they are 1) a love of all things Texas (especially stars) and 2) the UT Longhorns
Riding "horses" at the University of Texas.

I am so excited about UT. It has a whole course book of "unofficial" classes. They aren't good for credit, but they are so awesome. Over 1000 classes taught by UT teachers after hours or on weekends. I am planning on taking crew (rowing), violin, french and a bunch of Adobe classes to start.

Another perk--our nieghborhood has "lake access" with a dock that is great for fishing, and best of all it's just right down the road. There is so much fun stuff to do within walking distance. And it is fun to just sit on the dock and watch the boats and skiiers go by. And (Lorile will understand this one) I like to "people watch" the houses across the way!
"Our" new pool. I must say the "neighborhood pool" is quite possibly the most fabulous invention ever. All the fun with no maintenance, no clean up, no repairs. It is great! And ours is so pretty. It overlooks one of the little fishing ponds scattered throughout the neighborhood, so we can fish until we are too hot and then go jump in the pool. Seriously awesome!
Moving day.
Thank you everyone SO much for all of your help.
You are all furniture-tetris masters!
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to pack all the toys before we left!
Paul, We are going to miss you more than anyone else. Thank you for looking after AJ for all this time. I know you always stood up for her at school and there never was a better "big brother." We love you and will miss you terribly!!!
For those of you who never met "Snowdrop" here she is. One night Brett called me out to "come see what jumped in the pool--I think it might have been Simon!" It turned out to be this big bullfrog. She was the best babysitter I ever had. For 3 days AJ swam and played with her constantly. We put her in a fenced area in the backyard, but unfortunately bullfrogs, it turns out, are excellent diggers!
Thank you everyone for a wonderful going away party.
We have made such great friends in Visalia. Thank you for all the memories.