Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Celebrations

Holy smokes! I don't remember Valentine's being such a major holiday when I was a kid, but AJ and Jack had non-stop Valentine action all week. I had to make a documentary to cover all of the events!

Personally, I boycott Val's Day. I think it is a manufactured holiday to get guilty husbands to spend a bunch of money. For me I feel very lucky and proud to be Brett's wife and the most beautiful piece of "jewelry" a woman can wear is happiness, and I've got a great big sparkly one!!! So that is my two cents.

And with that, here is my feature-film-length "Valenti-umentary"


Anonymous said...

Chelsea you are so creative. I think you are both lucky in love. Jack is getting so tall!. We miss you all. Jen & the others

Lolo said...

Wow! What a Valentine's week! You guys are always doing it up right! We miss you! Eliza and I had so much fun watching your video.

MirAndA said...

WOW! You guys are very busy! (in a good way) You are very nice to your kids and they will grow up to be very good people.