Monday, February 9, 2009

My baby

He's all grown up, and every year I fall deeper and deeper head-over-heals in love with this kid. He is the all-American boy and I just think he is as handsome as all get out. If he wasn't so sweet he'd be able to milk it for all it's worth, because I just can't say no to my boy.

As for his special day, Jack knew exactly what he wanted to do: lunch at Players, bowling, then rolling on the grass (a quad area at UT), cake and ice cream, then a bed on the floor and movie night. We did it all and then some and it was one of the funnest days I can ever remember. So here is a little peak. Thank you all for the sweet calls, cards and posts. Jack was loving it all.

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MirAndA said...

I remember when I got a bike for my birth day. I was so happy. That the best thing you could get for a birth day.