Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet new grill

Jack got a cavity between his front 2 teeth of all places. He has had it for awhile but I was just flossing and brushing them like crazy hoping it would go away (you know, the amazing disappearing cavity) but it was getting worse and I finally took him in the the pediatric dentist. Sure enough it was a cavity, and unfortunately the only way to fix it in that spot is to crown both teeth! Here is the before and after.

I was super stressed about the whole procedure. I have very bad dentist-related memories...who doesn't. But they gave him a sedative and, combined with the nitrous, he slept through the whole thing. So $500 later Jack has two new, very white, front teeth. When he was waking up I was holding him and he was squeezing his numb lip with his fingers, he asked, "What is this squishy thing on my lip?"

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Patricia Peterson said...

I found your blog by the way of Stephanies and it is SO fun to see how big your kids are. Wasn't it just yesterday you had AJ? It seems like it. I'm going back to school too and it makes me wonder what Brett is doing - hopefully something fun?? If you don't mind I'd like to be a stalker on your blog every now and then.
Patti Peterson