Thursday, June 26, 2008

Magic moments...

I have these "magical moments," a handful of moments that have been seared into my memory because of the "magic-ness" of them. One involves laying on the grass in Utah on one of those days when the sky is so impossibly blue and watching cottonwood puff blow by, one is standing on the beach in my hometown watching a lightening storm out at sea while dolphins played in the surf. There are 4 or 5 others. I know it is a magical moment because time slows down and I feel (I know I am so corney) peaceful and complete and very calm. One of those moments was an evening outside of Brett's parent's house. The sun was setting and so it had that beautiful golden quality we call the "golden hour." Out in the street, for some reason, hundrends of dragonflies had gathered and were darting about catching bugs. Their wings were backlit gold from the setting sun and for a moment everything slowed down and we just stood and watched. I thought this was a unique experience, but then last week I glanced up at the window to our backyard, and there they were. Hundrends of dragonflies darting every which way. We sat outside and the kids chased them for over an hour. As the sun started setting, the mosquitoes got too bad and drove us in, but it was beautiful.


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