Thursday, November 22, 2007

We gather together to share the Lord's blessing...

We are actually having Thanksgiving a day early and going to Sea World on Thanksgiving. It was really nice, I missed the shopping crowds by a day, and AJ was at school all day while I prepared most of the food.

We have a huge oak tree in the backyard, so we hauled the table out there under the tree. I put AJ in charge of decorating the table, so she was busy making placemats and various 3-D displays (she is SO creative) all weekend with leaves and acorns and all kinds of fall things. It turned out SO cute. I think that will be a new tradition of ours, and it will be fun to see her tables evolve over the years.

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lacy said...

Wow! AJ is so amazing, I swear she's going to be a famous artist someday. She really has an eye for detail and the patience to see it through. That's pretty awesome for a 5 year old.